Saturday, October 29, 2011

Opera, Forever 21 and freaky French men.

Ah lads, sorry for the wait. I've been all over the gaff. So what has happened since that last post. Well:

1/ I went to that Fenech Soler gig in a club that was underneath a motorway which was interesting to say the least. We met the band afterwards and while they seemed nice, there's always a little bit of a poncy air about musicians, isn't there? Great dancing was done though. Also discovered how nice a white wine spritzer is.

2/ Myself and some of the other Irish girls here went to go to the Opera. There I was wearing tights, boots and dungarees [which looked like mid-length shorts] and Anna in her trackie bottoms. Happy out. Until an usher came over and told us we had to leave as we weren't in the proper attire. We took the 10 minute U-Bahn back to my house to get changed and by the time we came back, the feckin' show had sold out. Just perfect. Remember kids: Opera means serious business here.

3/ I was waiting in an Underground station, outside a bakery for my friend when a weeeeellll-into-his-thirties French man approached me. What followed was the single most awkward conversation I've ever had. He asked me for my "mobile number, facebook, address, room number" [Weird] and told me that "I'd like to get to know you. I like you. I like you verrrryy much" [Even weirder]. I have the two most common names in Ireland so "Bonne Chance"! Sorry Megan, the French have yet to impress.

4/Work is hard. Money is good. Working to get money = Mixed feelings.

5/I still haven't travelled outside the city. Hopefully soon though!

6/ Austria celebrated their national holiday this week and of course, I was working! However, I hit a party with some friends and we adorned the complusory red and white face paint. I might have gotten carried away decorating other people.

Their traditional lederhosen and dringels are ridiculously expensive there though. At least 200 beans for something decent!

7/ Christmas tree decoration, anyone?

8/ I've discovered I'm really crap at sowing. Sewing? Sowing? Anyway, I've a mega Halloween costume planned but all will be revealed once I try it out. It involves a wig though and chopsticks. Also had sushi for the first time and despite some warnings, I didn't choke or feel sick or get my tie caught in the conveyor belt. Success!

9/ Backstreets are cool. Leave the Lonely Planet at home.

10/ I walked in on two work colleagues mauling the face off each other today. In work. In the lunch room. Which is the only place I could have lunch. And the worst thing? They. did. not. stop. 

11/It had to be done considering the Mufasa nickname I've picked up. It was a close call between the "Beauty and the Beast" one and the "Lion King" but Simba and co. won out in the end. Cheers Forever 21.

12/ I'm 21 years old in one month. Arghghw02-2i!! What to do?

Right, I've to go and sleep before I hit the working world again tomorrow so here's another music dose.

 Really want to hear from the rest of ye. WRITE GODDAMN THEE!


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