This is "Garnish with the Bizarre", the collective blog of four friends from the rough and tough area of Cork, Ireland.

Life's taken us down different routes since our days in school together and it's not often we get to see each other and hang out.
So thus, one night while eating marble cake and drinking Schloer [cos' we're hardcore like that], "Garnish with the Bizarre" was born. Our purpose in creating a blog of epic proportions is threefold;

1/ To stay in contact with each other when life takes us all over the world...

2/ To exchange our stories of people, places, food, music, clothes and the random...

3/ To have a bitta craic, like.

We're all individuals, doing different things in life and with different interests but this year is going to be a crazy adventure for us all. 

Ciara ruled Limerick before embarking on a teaching career in London, teaching 5-year-olds the way of the world, via a few summers in Chicago and the OC. By day she managed 20+ plus kids, by night she's a social butterfly in fab polka dot shorts.  

Meanwhile, Megan embraced all things English and French, putting these into practice in the cultural mecca that was France in the latter half of that year. Aix en Provence were lucky to have her! She's back in Cork via a pretzel-eating summer in Munich, Germany and is about to set forth on her own teaching career.

Dee and Sarah left Cork for Languages in Limerick and via Madrid, England, Scotland, Germany, Austria and together, Argentina, they are both back in Cork, ready to take the next step. 

2014 ...

"Garnish with the Bizarre" will do exactly what it says on the tin. While our tales and observations may be based on the ordinary, no doubt we will come across the bizarre and illustrate it with our own personal snaps. 

So do enjoy, please subscribe and comment away. 

We want to hear your stories too... 

Le grá, amor, lieb and love,

"GwtB" girls.



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