Thursday, May 30, 2013

you've got the luck of a Kennedy

It's half term round these parts, and on account of no photographic evidence I've been putting off documenting the goings on in life. But you know what, sometimes theres plenty to say and you don't need pictures to do the talking so here goes.

I got to go home for a few days and celebrate existence with some friends and family. I love trips home that involve lots of favourite people in a short space of time. It did mean driving an hour one way to drive an hour and a half back and make another fifty minute trip back the way I'd gone originally to touch base before my flight, but it was all intentional and all very worth it. My mom cannot be beat when it comes to kindness and generosity. Mother Teresa and my mom are on par. Fact.

I've gone to see everything in cinema. Worth it.

There's been cooking and eating out - Prezzo caesar salad you disappoint. Home made bolognaise however...mmm... I am very lucky to have such a master chef in my life.

It's feeling like summer so I don't know how I'll feel about going back to school on Monday. This is my first summer in far too long spent without plans of epic proportions or galavanting abroad. HB and Chicago were fantastic, but I look forward to London with the man himself. 

Speaking of whom, he's snoozing at the end of the bed and we're due to visit a local comedy club so wake him up and go follow through on those plans I shall.

I've also been listening to Vampire Weekend's new album. LOVE.

WELL DONE SARAH!! so very proud of you for not only making it through CELTA but for doing so well!


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