Thursday, May 16, 2013

I canz teach

On Monday, I found this in amongst the morning's post. This lovely little certificate states that I am now a qualified teacher of English as a Foreign Language to Adults. This is basically my passport to my teaching career and travel after a tough two month course. Considering that I've had serious reservations about my college degree and my ability to finish it, I'm feeling more than happy that I hold a qualification in something, particularly something I am very passionate about. This week has been good to me. :) 

I got a lot of emergency tax back which means I can stick away a nice sum of money this week into my credit union. Since starting my new job as a tour guide, I've found that my money is just disappearing faster than I can count it. I also paid off my deposit towards my house for my final academic year - so that's the first step towards finishing my degree. More on that later.

I've finally gotten into the swing of giving German tours, which is something I've felt quite literally ill over the past few weeks. Practice makes perfect and I'm my own worst enemy at the best of times, but I need to gain more confidence in my language skills. Easier said than done!

Also congratulations of the highest order to all my friends in UL, who have or are about to finish their exams. YOU DID IT! Well done, and may the world be your oyster. I'll be in your shoes this time next year - don't you envy me!

Sin é for the meantime,


Sad/Stress-releasing song for this week comes from Mr. Sufjan Stevens. Sufjan, you know him well, don't ya Ciara? :)

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