Sunday, June 23, 2013

these days

surprise flowers of a Tuesday
a fine decorative choice

all of the tubes

There's been lots going on round these parts the last few weeks, including lots of the above.

 We came upon an outdoor ping pong table at a nearby park thats much less crowded on sunny weekends and holidays than Greenwich park, so our loyalty has been diverted over there recently. It's fun and free, very little additional explanation needed.

So much Qi in our lives these days. Can't beat a bit of Stephen Fry.

As the Summer holidays near (they're already on break in Ireland now...) Jam's been teasing with summer cocktails when I get home from school. That's a sex on the beach in bed doing school reports... school reports for the first time are a bit of an endless battle I think.

There have been visits from my nearest and dearest and a mandatory trip to the Harry Potter Studios was made. Needless to say we're now re- watching the series.

First school trip done and dusted. No casualties, no (major) tears and no one left behind. Success!

I can't get enough of Tyler these days.


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