Sunday, April 7, 2013


I find blogging really therapeutic. It's much easier and less time-consuming than writing a diary, which I have tried and failed to do. I am glad that some of our friends seem to enjoy reading our little posts and I know that I genuinely enjoy reading Ciara's and Megan's contributions. Always nice to see what a person may write but not put into words. Though Megan and I really did discuss a TaySwift parody. 

I'm all over the place at the moment and feel all bleurgh and I can't blame the disgusting weather raging outside my window entirely either. I'm mighty fed-up though I'm not exactly sure why. So I'll just project my bleurgh feelings on the little things that are currently pissing me off. Just what everyone wants to read! I am however hoping that I will be less stressed by rambling on for a while, so please humor me.

Number 1: Texting. I hate texting. Probably because I don't get many texts as I never have credit but when I do, I find the idea of having a conversation via text nightmarish. So much thought goes into the length of the text, how enthusiastic the punctuation is, is the spelling too formal or not formal enough, which is the correct winky face to use when you want to convey a very specific message, trying to imagine how the recipient will interpret the message, analysing their use of punctuation and winky faces, the timing between texts and on and on it goes. You can't talk properly via text and you are blind to the semantic markers of body language, tone and intonation which account for about 80% of what we say and help us interpret conversations. Also, it's very hard to be real and talk about proper, non-trivial things via text. Ergo I hate texting. 

Number 2: Trying to get tax forms from previous employers is proving again nightmarish. After three weeks and unanswered phone calls and texts, I'm feeling less than impressed. 

Number 3:  Fruit scones with currants in them. Currants are the bane of my life. Why do they ruin a good fruit scone? Are currants even considered fruit? Blurgh.

Number 4: Being defined by my job. I am lucky to have a new job which I do genuinely like. However, it feels like all I do now is get up, go to work, come home from work, eat, at which point I am so tired that I retreat straight to my room. Press pause, rewind and play... 5 times a week. I know that eventually most of us will conform to the 35 - 40 hour working week but I'm not entirely convinced I want to live that way; live being the key word here. We work to survive but at what point do we sacrifice living for surviving? I read a very interesting article about this topic here recently and it makes me think that I may eventually forge my own path away from the daily 9 - 5 slog. Life is too short and I don't to live just for the weekend, though I suppose we all have such notions in the folly of youth and are too naive to see that there is little way around it. Incidentally, how come the "Friends" characters had so much free-time?

Number 5: This song. Christ. 

Number 6: This man. I might lose friends over this but I'm sorry. It's irrational but I can't help it. Me and Ed don't see eye-to-eye. Looks like someone threw up a packet of Crayolas on his arm. 

Number 7: Having to wait until every Wednesday to see new episodes of "New Girl". Megan and I were only discussing our love for this sit-com recently, and while the series is nearly over, we are no closer to getting, well, closure on Mr Miller. and Ms. Day. 

"Nick Miller, Nick Miller, likes the taste of vanilla, is a stone cold killer!"

Number 8: Tom Cruise. But sure, doesn't he piss everyone off anyway? 

As predicted, I now do feel a lot better. Yay for ranting! That last picture has really cheered me up. I'm one for the puns. Right, I'm off to bed as I have work in the morning. But let's end the post on a high note. 

Much better.

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