Thursday, April 4, 2013

5 things Pinterest has taught me

I spend a substantial portion of my life on Pinterest. It's addictive. When I was bored in France I pinned, when I'm avoiding study I pin. And April is study month, so I'm pinning at a ferocious rate. I made some basic graphs to illustrate the problem.

So here's a pie chart showing my priorities during study month:

 And next we have a chart describing what a continued increase in pinning over this four week period will result in:

At least I can safely say that with Pinterest, I'm learning for life. You can't get this information from books, no Sir. 

The top 5 things I have learned from Pinterest

Number 1: Vinegar fixes everything

It's true. Vinegar can fix all of your problems. Let's say you have issues with weeds in your garden, what do you do? 


Or you've got a bit of toe fungus? Nobody wants that. Here's your remedy:

Say you're a smoker. Do you feel self conscious about the smell of your clothes? (That's the least of your worries) Not to fret! Your clothes can smell like vinegar instead!! just simply want some fun in your life. What better way to have fun than with vinegar?

Number 2: My life is incomplete without chalkboard paint

Where have you been all my life?

Chalkboard hard boiled eggs? Nothing better!

Number 3: Ryan Gosling is the most perfect man 

 Number 4: You can never have enough "mason jars"

I didn't even know what a "mason jar" was before I joined Pinterest. I just called them jars, how ignorant. 

mmm...Salad in a Jar...tasty


Number 5: I still love cake

Always have, always will <3

yum xx

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