Tuesday, April 2, 2013


If only...

Taylor Swift is loving life at 22. Who could blame her? She lives in a sunny place with a dozen best friends to  sit on rocks and make fountains out of wine glasses with. She's had a legion of men to dump. She's delighted with life. She can jump into a swimming pool at a party without having to worry about hypothermia. Magical indeed! 

Sarah showed me this video last week and we laughed about doing a parody of it. 22 (in Ireland). More miserable than magical if we're to be honest. I can see it now, lots of shots of the dark sky, walking along in the rain, scraping ice off of the wind shield, looking for a job, not finding one, watching telly with a cup of tea and a stuffy nose, taking notes in lectures, not being able to forget about the deadlines, having to get off the number 5 bus and walk to college in the rain because a drunk guy got sick everywhere, window shopping, essay writing, sideways rain, frizzy hair and stress pimples, coats...lots of coats, gorging on fast food and regretting it afterwards, anaemia, insufficient funds in your account, waiting for the bus when...

You get the idea. Anyway I'm going to start drawing up a storyboard and anyone who's interested in starring in our video can audition on Friday in Burger King on Patrick Street. 

I never thought I would say this, but I can't wait to be 23!!

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