Thursday, March 7, 2013

Better late than never...part II

I was very excited to see Ciara's post about her amazing summer in America and very excited that our blogging hiatus has come to an end. 

Inspired by Ciara's summer pix, I decided to get nostalgic for my summer away too! Here's some highlights of my two months working in Munich, Germany. 

I was very nervous about going to work in Germany for the summer. For one thing, I had just returned from France and was enjoying every minute of home-time so jetting off again had me feeling iffy. As well as that, my German was poor (by poor I mean my vocabulary consisted of  about 8 words, wellensittich being one of them, oddly enough) and I was worried that because of this I wouldn't get a job in the first place, unless it was in a pet shop? 

However, I did jet off, I did get a job. It wasn't in a pet shop and I had a fantastic time! 

Marienplatz, Munich

The Englischer Garten is a huge park in the centre of Munich. It's one of the world's largest urban parks, even larger than Central Park in NYC! I frequented this place often, usually for naps before work, which was ideally located smack-bang in the middle of the gardens. One afternoon, I misjudged how much napping time I had, and ended up 10 minutes late for work with imprints of grass still on my flushed, sleepy face. Grumpy Gunther the head chef was not impressed...

This is the U-bahn stop for work, which also happened to be one of my favourite streets in Munich. It's lined with restaurants, many of which are really fancy. We, however, opted for the "All You Can Eat Chinese Buffet: €8.50". Typical.

Dancing on the U-bahn became a hobby of ours while in Munich.

The rims of these glasses were bigger than my entire face. 

The Hofbräuhaus

The Chinese Tower, my place of work.

For my 22nd Birthday, we went to Neuschwanstein Castle. This is the little town at the bottom of the mountain. It was so unbelievably hot that day that, instead of waiting for a packed shuttle bus up the mountain to the castle we got a horse drawn carriage. I felt like a princess...a sweaty princess, but a princess nevertheless. 

A Happy Birthday Indeed!

This picture needs no caption. 

RISK was the game of the summer. I have to admit, I never really understood the rules, often asking the other teams for advice. Some people may recall me saying that I would have preferred it if the little plastic soldiers were made of chocolate and once you invaded another team's territory, you got to eat their men! What an incentive! 

This is Obatzda, a Bavarian cheese delicacy. I must have made about 850 million of these throughout the summer. I never want to see/smell/taste/hear Obatzda ever again. Ciara's food pictures are much more appetizing than this. Sorry guys, it's all I've got!  

There you have it! A summer of hard work, new friends, nice weather, unforgettable adventures, improved German, Obatzda and this music...

Megan xx

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