Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ryan Gosling is God.

Have you heard the latest? Of course, you have. For it appears that God is amongst us in the form of Ryan Gosling. The name is permanently tatto'ed onto the minds of most women capable of feeling but it might ring a bell for some of the male population. Yes, yes, that's right, he was that guy in "The Notebook". "Oh, no", I hear you groan. "He's the guy who single-handedly raised the expectations and standards of every red-blooded woman who owns a televison. Now they all expect 365 letters of adornment and love." My answer to that sirs is have you seen him in "Lars and the Real Girl"? Or "Drive"? Or "Half Nelson"? Or "The Ideas of March"? Or even in the "Mickey Mouse Club" of the early 90's? No? Well, then sit down and shut up.

Picture the scene. You're Ryan Gosling. You've a face like heaven and a body to make most work-out junkies weep. International A-lister actor who seems to choose the films you want to lend your immense thespian skills to. You've the world at your feet. You can grow facial hair at will. You're a musician in your "spare time". You strike a perfect balance between bad boy and the boy next door. You've dated Sandra Bullock, Rachel McAdams and currently, the amazing Eva Mendes. You love your family. You're a generous philanthropologist with a geniune vested interests in the charities you support. Even feminists love you! You love dogs. And you're only 31.  

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So there you are, Ryan Gosling, walking down some avenue in New York City, wearing your Ray-Bans and emitting awesomeness. When normal people go out for a walk, the most spectacular things that happen to us are getting a 2-for-1 offer on toilet paper in the local store or getting the wrong change back after buying a cappucino. But you're Ryan Gosling. You've standards to uphold. So what do you do? You save a woman's life.

According to every celebrity blog and news site going, Ryan Gosling saved a British journalist's life in New York this Tuesday past. The lucky lady in question is Laurie Penny who overnight has become the envy of the female race. Penny, being a Brit, was crossing the road and obviously, like most of us on this side of the water, was looking in the wrong direction, ignoring the infamous jay-walking laws of NYC. Thus, she did not see the speeding canary yellow taxi cab coming towards her. You, Ryan Gosling, happened to be passing by and shouted at her to move out of the way before grabbing her yourself and dragging her off the road just in time. As you do like.

Now we should respect you, Ryan, on his merits as an actor and from what we can gather, being a pretty sound guy to boot, which we do. Yet Ryan, I'm not sure I can ever look at you in the same way. If you're not God, well then you must have been Spiderman on a day off. Whatever you've been eating, whether it has been Kryponite or a lot of potassium, you have now officially reached hero status. 
If you thought dealing with your fame was awkward, slightly embarrassing and over-exaggerated before, you just wait. I hear the incidences of women throwing themselves in front of cabs has risen 457% since Tuesday and that's in New York alone. 
Yet "knowing" you, you'd be there to save every one of them because you, sir, are the modern definition of a gentleman.

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