Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Google, cheers for this apt visual description of me.

I never liked to use the term "FML", which I assume you know to stand for "Fudge My Life". Until now. I have a thesis due in 2 weeks. It is a huge monster of a project that should come in at around 13,000 words. I had a direction for it and as I began to write, that direction shifted slightly. In the last week, I thought I was finally getting somewhere! I could see how I'd do the whole thing, how it would end nicely. I have the first part done and while waiting for feedback from my supervisor, I went about filling in the referencing. Of course, the more I referenced, the more information I was reading and suddenly I realised that I had done this part wrong and I didn't write enough on this part and oh no, I didn't criticise that in the right way.
Right now, I've just left it and gone to make chips but I never anticipated my Final Year Project would turn into such a little snitch. Looking at Megan's pugs did cheer me up some bit but I'm beginning to panic. 

I had a dream last night that the external examiner read it and proclaimed it a "pile of utter dung". Oh well. Maybe I'll just drop out of college and live on an island in the Pacific Ocean. I've seen the Pacific Ocean. It is indeed very pacifying.


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