Thursday, April 12, 2012

13 Lovely Things to Enjoy: #1

I am really stressed still but with the kind words of some lovely friends, I'm in a much better place today as I had another brainwave regarding my thesis. This day two weeks I should be FREE!!! Until the following Monday when I'll have to pull my socks up regarding my classes here and pass the rest of the semester.
In order to bust your stress if you too are suffering, here are 13 lovely things to enjoy at a glance when you are on a break from study/research, as I am. Thus I present "13 Lovely Things to Enjoy #1".

#1: Ryan Reynolds. One of the funniest manly man actors alive. Oh look at that, he's soaking wet. I hardly noticed.

#2: A dog wearing a monocle.  AND IT'S A PUG! What's not to love?

#3: Childhood memories mingled with Disney characters and songs are flooding back right now, aren't they?

#4: This song makes me sad and happy at the same time. Beautiful stuff.
Team Me - Show Me

#5: Taken from the AA Roadwatch Website on St. Patrick's Day 2012. The warning signs represent areas where there was traffic congestion. Or people, pissshed out of their minds, lying down on the roads.

#6: This literally makes me cry laughing every time I read it. HA.

#7: Self- explanatory, really. Fetching young men.

This song will have you dancing, whether you have two left feet or seven right ones.
The Contours - Do You Love Me?

#9: I believe this was taken at a wildlife park in China. The young panda cub wasn't doing so well so his carers took him from his mother for a while to get him better. They had to wear panda suits when placing him back so the mother wouldn't feel threatened by the humans and thus, abandon her young in the same way bitchy cats do. 

#10:  Very apt.

#11: Shanghai in 1990 (above) and 2010 (below)

#12:  Remember

#13: Finally, this song brings back such memories of sunny, lazy 90's days
Dodgy - Good Enough for You

Cheers tumblr and stumbleupon for these gems. I feel much better. Now back to the research!


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