Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pug Life

Hello everybody,

It has occurred to me that not one of us has ever written a post about pugs. Today I am going to change this.

I love pugs. I follow fuckyeah-pugs on tumblr, I like photo's of pugs on facebook, and pug related merchandise makes me really happy.

 I would like to own a little pug someday...but unfortunately there are a number of things that prevent me from realising this dream:

1. Pugs cost a lot of money. A LOT.
2. You have to clean between their face wrinkles twice daily, which disgusts me a little bit. (I learned this from an actual pug owner)
3. As long as I still live with my parents they will not allow me to have another pet. Pug or otherwise.

I don't really understand why some people think that pugs are ugly. Here are some pictures from fuckyeah-pugs that could show these people that pugs= happiness and love forever. (if you have a tumblr, you should definitely follow this page, passes hours. I've spent the better part of today in my PJ's, eating Milka Choco-Swing Cookie and looking at pugs on the internet. I think it's an "I want to go home" kinda day...)
My dream pug.... <3

a pug within a pug...

and my personal favourite....

...looks like it should be an ad for [insert fancy designer label]'s newest fragrance. 

Love always, 

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