Saturday, January 14, 2012

Exams are fini! And today I am nursing an almighty hangover. My head hurts which might explain why it took me ten minutes and an embarrassing number of attempts to solve a CAPTCHA to get onto this because I'm signing in from an "unknown location". 

It reminded me of this:

The last few days were stressful. I pretended to know about a lot of different things and printed ERASMUS on the top of every script in the hope of passing this semester. 

Shannon Baverstock and I booked our amazing trip around the world the other day. We're both very excited.  Hopefully we'll manage to see both Dee and Sarah along the way!

We're going to London first. The last time we were in London we were with Dee and Naomi after the leaving cert. 

Maybe we'll see the Covent Garden chainsaw juggler with great ass again! He really did have a great ass.

Then it's onto Vienna where Sarah has promised to be the best tour guide who has ever lived. She has promised me that we will go to the zoo. I absolutely love the zoo. 

As if the zoo isn't fantastic enough, Sarah has also promised to take us to see ballerina's.

THEN, we're going to get a bus to Prague. I don't know what we'll be doing in Prague yet, if anyone has any suggestions of amazing/brilliant/yummy things to do, please contact me. 

This is all happening to us in March. 


I'm off to make myself a hotdog.

m xx

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