Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dubstep Heads

I'm still really busy because; 

1/ Back to college = Erasmus exams = Stress
2/ Work where my boss is a wench and I've been working way more than I am contracted to do.
3/City life just sucks up your days. I miss the sight of green fields. And bales. And sheep.
4/ Legend of the Seeker. Season 1. Can't.stop.watching. 
5/ A place called the Travelshack in Vienna is after becoming the local bar which often involves fancy dress hats and dancing on pool tables. But fun dancing. No Coyote Ugly here now at all. We won't be having any of that.

So I owe a thousand and one people Skype calls and messages and letters. I have LOTTTTTTS of pictures to share with you all and stories from December and January but I just don't have the energy today and Megan's post has more than enough news. I am over the moon herself and Shannon are coming to visit and I've got it all planned out which I will keep a surprise. So you guys had better be surprised! 

I'm going to go snooze before I go into work so with a round of applause, please give it up to one of my favourite dub-stepy remixes of an absoLUTE classic...


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