Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I'm in my weekly 4 hour lecture. We're about 2 hours and 50 minutes in. We're watching a film in which some guy is  painting a load of things in his apartment black. Black= depression, apparently. 

I went to Arles at the weekend. The running joke was this:


We saw some lovely things. I wanted to see the Van Gogh café. Van Gogh lived in Arles for a year or so but produced 300 paintings during that time! I tried to copy his painting "Café la Nuit" ages ago but failed miserably. 

Unfortunately, Café la Nuit was closed. Just like everything else in Arles on a Saturday. 

Arles is actually quite an interesting little place. The Roman monuments there were listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. First we went to the Roman Theatre...

There's Ronan dancing...god bless him. 

It was here that I learned what "parkour" is. A group of teenage boys came into the theatre, and naturally we assumed they were going to smoke or something. But oh no, they had come to practice their parkouring skills. We proceeded to play parkour in the Roman Amphitheatre. (I don't know if you "play" or "practice" parkour, please feel free to enlighten me)

If you don't know what Parkour is, you should watch this video.

We'd a great ol' day. Got a lovely chicken burger (like a REAL chicken burger, batter and all) in a kebab place for dinner and mosey'd on back to Aix.


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