Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I just can't take it anymore..

I have something I need to share. 
I'm almost obsessed with Taylor Swift. Enchanted rings through my ears for an extended period at least once a day, i'm lucky when it's not more. 

This tends to happen to me alot, songs stick in my head, and I mean Really Stick in there until I can take it no more and almost go so far as to deafen everyone I know and love with the lyrical and musical genius and beauty that is my chosen song for which I have temporary OCD.
Some of the last few songs that have graced the list include..

Foster the People- Pumped up Kicks

The Dodos- Winter

Cat Power- Sea of Love

By the Amazing Carissa of Andrew and Carissa (and now Rinah too!) Love love love everything about these peeps.

and a Christmas favourite..

The Leave Behind- Fort Christmas

Be prepared to be swallowed whole and not let out until you claim mild insanity.


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Swami Vivekananda


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