Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Níl aon tinteán...

Home. Was. Amazing. 

I promised myself that I wouldn't cry when I got to the arrivals gate, but the sight of my mom and my brother waiting for me (and since I seem to blubber for any heightened emotion), meant that I was sobbing before we even got to hug! 

I ate everything that I wanted to eat. I saw everyone I wanted to see. I slept SO well in my own, comfy bed. My house still smells the same. :-) The bróg still smells the same. :-/ My dog is still alive. I bought a poodle dress in Penneys. 

Flew back into Charles De Gaulle on Saturday and spent two days in Paris. I promise no more Paris pictures after this. I SWEAR.

Went to Pere Lachaise on Sunday. I had never been and even though it's a good bit out on the metro, it was worth it. Lovely just to stroll around there...I took some pictures.

We spent ages looking for Oscar Wilde's grave and once we finally located it, that's what it looked like.


Edith Piaf's grave

and Jim Morrison's

Twas a lovely day. Back to a very Christmassy Aix-En-Provence maintenant! I will tell ye aaaall about it once I get the chance to explore with my camera.

Sarah, those photos bring back memories...well not really actually. I don't remember much from that night if I'm honest. Only that it was ONRAIL. 


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