Monday, November 28, 2011

Free Crappy Portraits

A while back, I read something about this GENIUS idea of a website called "Free Crappy Portraits". It does what is says on the tin. As a group of talented talentless artists, they ask you for requests, including a picture and a description. Based on these alone, one of the girls will put crayon, pen or paint to paper and draw your own free crappy portrait!  It's a great concept that came out of boredom and the desire to have a little fun and get to know people. You can read all about it right here.

I sent in an email a few months ago and I just found the finished piece in our email inbox. It's pretty amazing. In a crappy yet magnificent way.  It's crapificent. Although, it's not really that crappy. It's a damn sight better than what I could have done. I think I might have it framed. Or tattoo'd on my arm. 
Have a look and try and guess who is who!

Our artist goes by the name of Christie and she is a primary school teacher, no less. My favourite bits are how 

a/ There is cheesecake, which is what we were eating the night we decided to set this all up back in January, 
b/ Dee's webpage is HILARIOUSLY accurate,
c/ They got Ciara's polka dot shorts right
d/ We're all a little ginger and
e/ The computers are floating.

You can get one too on their website, as a thoughtful birthday present or Christmas gift [or at least, as part of one. You'd be chancing it if that's all you gave!]


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