Monday, November 21, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is...

I've had a terrible, stressful, crappy week where I got lost for 2 hours in a dark suburb, burnt my hands off coffee machines and missed presentation meetings. Blurgh. And to top it off I've not seen any more of Vienna! However, my luck is about to turn as it's my birthday this weekend and I've taken the weekend off work. A lovely friend of mine, whom I worked with in England teaching this summer is coming over and we're going to have a party alá last year's mammoth party with Dee. I think all of us were there actually - Me, Dee, Ciara and Megan! We'd a rave, a pinata, freshly baked niblets by Dee, REALLY long straws, Robert Downey Jr. and Twister. We also managed to fit 16 people in a downstairs bathroom. And I rigged Pass the Parcel for Ciara and a friend. Amazing. Here's a reminder. 

LOTS of fun. I'll be trying to recreate that but without all my lovely homies from home, some pictured above. Remember now, it's Dee's birthday next week so Dee, you HAVE to keep this new tradition alive by blowing all those Germans out of the water [ a turn in phrase, not a literal tradition]. Since I've been working really hard, I'm saving up for my first DSLR camera e.g. the Canon 500d pictured above. I've been dying for an entry level professional camera for years but it was never right and it never will be unless I make provisions for it now! She's a beauty. Let the penny saving begin!


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  1. 16 people in a bathroon and the toilet kept flushing! Oh the laughter! xxxx


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