Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh, to be in Paree

Megan is very lucky. You're going to love being home so much! I'm rather jealous. Plus the fact, you are on a train to Paris as I type. I wonder if it's like this.

Chanel adverts always make things so glamorous. Even a train. Trains aren't very glamorous. At least, not in Austria. Even with Audrey Tatou.
 I've only been in Paris once and all I can remember really is my Dad driving the car into what we thought was an underground carpark but it actually turned out to be a really long tunnel that brought us to the other side of the city, away from where we were going. On said detour, we got lost in the thick of the red light district. Disasteeeeeeeeeer.  
Mind you, I do have some snaps from that trip. It was the first time I actually took control of the camera on a family trip. 

And that was basically the extent of my photographic eye back then. Just AMAZING, isn't it? The sign post in the way definitely gives it a deeper meaning.
I'm hoping to visit sweet Paris in February, dependng on how well my dissertion gets itself written. That will be fun. Not.

My pictures of Vienna are somewhat better but with the sh*test of cameras, I really need to make an investment soon. 
Here's what I have seen both today and recently on the way to buy a lamp [and a terrrrrribly unnecessary visit to Forever21].

So here we have Mel's birthday cake, the Viennese State Opera before a performance of La Sylphide, the Christmas markets setting up on campus, the most entertaining of bread boards, a nice little message outside my work place, the road to my house, NOM graffiti, Mozart chilling, a rather terrifying Spongebob and Nice Rice, which I have yet to try.

Bread Pitt. Genius! Have to buy that. Aside from this one voyage outside my Studentenheim today, I've not been up to anything very exciting except for getting food poisoning from vegetarian food, no less! And that same day, I missed an important test. So it was really just swell. However on Saturday the Christmas markets open and that night we are going to go see "The Lion King" in 3-D. Deelarah. I'll wear my Lion King jumper and all. But be warned. My early Christmas rant will be accelerated somewhat after seeing these most beautful of markets. I've included the one on campus in the above photos. Gorgeous. I can smell the mulled wine now. I also bought a reindeer necklace in F21. I couldn't resist! Oh, and I bought fairy lights instead of a lamp because they make me feel happier.

Avoid, avoid, avoid. Though their bathroom facilities are most adequate to see to your food poisoning needs.

Right, well, I'm off to bed. Dissertation to be attacked in the morning! Woohoo. Life can't any more exciting, can it? OH! The Freaky French man from a few posts ago managed to find me on Facebook. How? I do not know. Why? I'm afraid I have an idea. God bless the "Ignore" button.
Ciara, more stories please! You're doing so well on TP. Nearly there. Dee, I know you read this and I demand pictures! Take those of your Erasmus buddies because I know you are having the time!

Over and ouuuuuuuuuuut,


P.S. Also Megan, that picture of ye on the Champs Elysee is potentially the coolest picture ever. For one thing, you have Captain Jack with ye. And secondly, the traffic is a moving blur and ye are still. Mega miaows.

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