Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Marina is a Diamond

This came on my iTunes this morning and reminded me of about a 3 month period when Dee and I were literally obsessed [pardon the pun] over our dear Marina here. So much so we drove to the back of beyonds [County Carlow] to go see her. 

Even though Dee's little Micra ran out of petrol along a very dark, lonely 10 mile stretch of road at like 8pm, during the middle of winter, but we willed the little car to the first petrol station on the outskirts of Carlow town and just made it. That was a fun trip.

Her music is one thing. She is like a unique combination of Florence and the Machine, Kate Nash and Lily Allen. 
Her style is another. When most people think of Marina, they think of;

Fringe, block colours, wacky sunglasses, tribal prints, biker cut off shirts, baseball shirts, body suits, big black hair, eyeliner, black lipstick, figure hugging dresses, contrasting prints, fun, acid tones and a lot in individuality. 

She's great, isn't she? I'd go into more but I am currently late for an appointment with my forthcoming project so enjoy another Marina-made tune or two.

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