Sunday, November 6, 2011

A whole child ago

This song just came on shuffle on my itunes, it reminds me of cold Sunday evenings going back to Limerick for another week of college. I used to really enjoy the trip back with my ipod (rip) and a book or the Sunday magazines..but lets be honest it was usually a reading I hadn't done over the weekend or the end of an assignment.  I listened to this album for weeks and weeks and months every Sunday. Oh the 9pm bus to Limmers, you had your fair share of bus weirdos.

These days are made up of lots and lots of lesson planning. I've a pretty great class, all so sweet and the staff in the school I'm in couldn't be more helpful. I really lucked out on the Home placement department. Thats not to say my brain isn't frying from the amount of orgnisation and planning I've had to succumb to but y'know, it's a necessary evil.
I look forward to reuniting with these lovely ladies next semester.

There are few others i would choose to tackle a slug infestation with.


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Swami Vivekananda


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