Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vienna Calling.

Now we may not have the sun like Megan is currently enjoying but goodness, we've a great vibe going on here in Vienna. So good in fact, that I nearly cried today when I saw my bank account. City Life = Major Dollars. 

When I first arrived, it was scorching and there I was with no summer gear. I had packed my 22kg suitcase with what I perceived was sufficient winter gear. Oh, how wrong I was. I learnt that the hard way when at about 8.45am on a Thursday, the weather took a turn for the worse and I saw rain that could rival the semi-tropical downpours in Northern Argentina [big up, Rafaela]. Suddenly my Tesco bought boots were leaking and the ski jacket my mum forced me to bring was too impractical for just rain. Thus, me and my Maestro card had a dandy time this week. So ta-da! My recent purchases for the coming snow season; 

I like brown now. This may be apparent.

Anyway, Vienna is great. It's about the size of Dublin, there's a ton of things to do and see, always good clubs, great public transport, good food, cheap supermarkets and a great vibe. Pity the people have yet to impress and the dialect sounds almost Polish in its pronunciation. However, I have started my classes and I'm a happy bunny as of this moment. I'm taking German, Spanish, Irish through German [hilarious! Austrians want to speak Irish creid é nó ná creid!], Introduction to Cultural Theory and Introduction to Contrastive Linguistics. I'm cheating a little by having the last two in English but I have two semesters here so I'm suuuuure I'll make it up.

 I also got a job! In the wonderful Vapiano restaurant chain as a bartender. High pressure ain't the word. It's extremely intimidating walking into a new restaurant, all these German speaking customers and staff members and only having the faintest idea of what you are doing. I can pull pints. This place only has one beer on tap so I now have to turn my hand to making coffees and the like.

 Pity I don't drink coffee and don't know my lattes from my mocchiatos. I've to turn around now tonight and learn off the entire drink menu, first in English and then in German but sure, it's one way to speak German. I have a uniform too which includes a tie. Can't believe I can still remember how to tie one after my early secondary school days. Remember that gang? I had better go do that now so please enjoy some snapshots from the limited sightseeing I have done here.

Oh and I nearly forgot the obligatory song to some ye ticking over.


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  1. Very nice Photos!!! Vienna is a great city!!! Hope you´ll have more great time there!!!!
    greetings from Hamburg!


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