Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I went to Cassis on Saturday to spend the day at the beach. It was class. Here's some photos that my new Canadian friend Hilary took. I forgot to put the memory card into my camera that day and so I could only take 6 photographs. I kept deleting them one at a time so I could take a "better" photograph. When I got home I looked at them and they were all crap. 

Yesterday was a productive day. I went to college and signed up for classes. Then I went to open a french bank account. I signed so many sheets of paper in such a short space of time that I don't know what I have signed up for. BNP Paribas could send me the orphan I signed up to look after for the year in the next few days for all I know. 

I even made two new French friends yesterday while waiting for the bus, but they're probably about 140 years old between them. I offered them a raspberry, they didn't take one but said that I was 'gentille'. I might add them on facebook. 

That's how happy I imagine my old friends would have been had they accepted my offer of the raspberry. Obviously you have to replace the watermelon in the picture with a raspberry because that's the closest thing that came up when I googled 'old people eating raspberries'. 

Anyway, today I woke up with no voice and a mighty sore head (no, I wasn't hungover...for once)so I skipped my translation class. Had an awful 3euro meal in the cafeteria. 3euro meals are hit and miss but also my favourite thing because you get 3 courses for 3euro which is pretty terrific. Here's one of the worst 3euro meals I have had...

I honestly have no idea what that even was.

The sickness combined with bad 3euro meals is resulting in my feeling homesick for the first time since I got here. boooooo. Oh how I would love a cuddle from my mommy and a 4in1 from the almighty Emerald House.


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