Tuesday, September 27, 2011

These happy days are yours and mine HAPPY DAYS

We were walking down the main street in Aix the other day and we spotted this:

I hope you can read it clearly. Is it just me or is that not such a romantic thing to do? I really hope Mattia isn't a creepy stalker. I hope he's a genuine, lovely person that does not want to chop Daniela up into little pieces to keep in his chest freezer at home. I hope he finds her and that they live happily ever after. 

In other news:

I get to wear my flipflops all the time, they don't even hurt between my toes anymore. This is huge for me. AND I'm starting to get a tan. 

Passion fruit and raspberry sorbet is YUM. 

In Aix, there are always balloons on the road.

Dogs are allowed do EVERYTHING here: they swim in the fountains; they travel in little carts on the back of bikes; they go to restaurants with their owners. The other day I saw a giant fluffy brown dog in a PHARMACY
I get why the dogs go into the fountains though...I did the other night when I was really drunk.

We'll save that story for another day though...

Now, here's a song for you to listen to...it's exlovers...or aixlovers as I like to call them.

byeguys xxx

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