Monday, September 19, 2011

I got a new camera recently. It's so lovely and I'm actually so delighted. I have had really awful luck with cameras in the past though. I broke a camera belonging to my sister at Oxegen. I broke two family cameras on two separate holidays with friends. I hope I don't kill this new baby too. 

I'm happier than Michael Landon was when he got his first Kodak, SRSLY.

So anyway, today I decided to go exploring my new town and to take some pretty pictures using various "modes" on my camera. There's 25 modes on my camera...There's sport mode, which undoubtedly I will never use. There's sunset mode, self portrait mode, candle light mode, children mode (I know, wtf kodak?).
Here's some of the places I saw. Take note of the modes, guys. 

This is on my way from college to town...I wandered down streets I hadn't been down before and I found my new favourite shop in Aix; BOOK IN BAR

There's my sneaky picture of Book in Bar. There's a café and they let you sit around reading their books. I bought The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster. woowoo

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They are so obsessed and proud of Cezanne here. I knew that they liked him before I came but they have these little C's all along their roads. I cannot begin to count how many schools, restaurants, hotels and shops are named after him. Fair play to him.

The doors of this church were all closed when I walked past so I couldn't look inside but somebody was having a serious jamming session on the organ, I could hear. 

I guess it's kind of like once you've seen one little cute street you've seen them all but I still think they're all beautiful. Prepare for lots of pictures of the same looking street.

La Rotonde...the centre of the this point I had gotten totally lost and found my way once again and I was starving so I bought my new favourite food. A POULET FRITES. It's pretty self explanatory. It's poulet...and a baguette. I get these on the drunken walk home at ludicrous times of the morning but now also sober. 

So that was today's activities. Over and out, amigos!

megan xx

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  1. Poulet Frites sounds like a slightly less greasy version of the shwarma kebabs I all too often counted as breakfast in Paris.

    --Megan//The Martian Tide


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