Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Billy Joel knows his stuff about Vienna

Uni Wien, baby

Ah. Argh. Ugh. Sniff. Sob and various other sound effects. It's that time again folks. Where I leave and make more of a fuss than necessary and don't really want to go because leaving is hard. Actually growing up is hard. I'm just back and I'm off again which does tend to mess with your head. I'm getting a little tired of living out of a suitcase but this is the last one! The big one! After this year as an ERASMUS student, I get to root myself back into my University for a while.

I am leaving tonight on a bus to Dublin where I get to test out the comfort of an airport floor for about 6 hours. My saving grace is that one of the other two classmates I am going with is on the same flight so when we land tomorrow morning, there'll be someone else to turn to in confusion. At about lunch time, I'll stroll on into the city centre [oder "Mitte"] where I'll hang until I can meet a family friend who will give me my keys to my gorgeous part-time Erasmus hostel. 

21kg of pure rubbish. Rubbish I need. You see the bulge on the left side. That should not be there.

That'll be fine. Once I get there. And stop hyperventilating. And remember how to speak German. It's the getting there that's going to be problematic. By getting there, I mean packing. Now I haven't been a naive traveler and only decided to pick to day of to begin to cram my life into a suitcase. I've been at this for a week. But how does Aer Lingus expect me to pack EVERYTHING  I need - books, shoes, winter coats, layered clothing, cosmetics, laptop, schoolbags, documents etc...- into one 20kg bag and 10kg hand luggage. Im.poss.i.ble. I'm actually just over the limit but I'm going to plead and beg. And while my 10kg bag is full, I've snuck a handbag with me which I'll proclaim holds all my important documents. And I'll be wearing like TWENTY layers. Including a ski jacket. Because my Mum is a bit paranoid but probably right when you consider how cold Vienna gets.

Vienna c. 1888. It's fecking freezing.

So. That's me. Bidding my farewells. I don't know when I'll be home again but fingers crossed I'll be able to meet up with Megan in Aix and Dee, somewhere near Mainz. And Ciara, "mi casa, su casa". Until I report from the new homeland, 
Auf Wiedersehen!

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