Saturday, July 2, 2011

This one's for you.

Last night I went to see BellX1 in the Marquee. This is my 6th time seeing bell-ex-wan, they were good!

I felt that I should have been allowed into the media tent because I feel like a music critic with all the posts about going to g-g-gigs. (well, two posts but still)

Unfortunately, I'm not the biggest fan of their new album...or the album before that. Luckily though, they played some of the older stuff...(slowset...beautiful!) Of course, Paul Noonan is still a sexy beast. I don't use the term "sexy beast" lightly, just so you know.

My camera is TERRIBLE. Seriously, it's probably the worst camera in existance.

I hope Bell x1 don't read this, but I hate the new guy who plays synth. He's a fool. (Soz guys, I love the rest of you)

I think good ol' Tim from Neosupervital was drumming for them last night but I couldn't really see his face because his bloody cymbal was in the way the entire time. Remember he was drumming back when we saw them at the marquee the first time deeeee? What a man.

They played Tongue :)

HOWEVER, James Vincent McMorrow was supporting and for me, he completely stole the show. He was amazing, wonderful, lovely and lots of other positive adjectives.

Ever since Ciara put one of his songs up here I have loved him. I felt a lump in my throat at one point. Wow.

I wanted to buy his album after but I had 90cent and there was no ATM in the whole place, and no suggestion box where I could leave a note suggesting that they aquire one for next year. Darn.

Cashier No.9 also supported. They were underwhelming.

We left humming and happy. Then we got Lennox's and went home to make chip butties. Job.

m x

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