Thursday, July 7, 2011

I went to Naomi's the other day for a spot of cake creation.  We had such fun. We made cupcake families. Families of cupcakes. The baby cupcakes were amazing. Next time we're going to just make loads of them. One million of them. They only take like 5 minutes to cook which is excellent because I HATE waiting for my cakes to do their thing in the's so booooorrring.

Here's some pictures that we took for memories for when we're old and can't remember the good old days when we were young and free and not raison-like.

6oz/175g of flour, yo
 Tip: One should get into the habit of properly weighing one's ingredients. If one fails to weigh ingredients accurately one's cakes will be shit. (I used to be lazy, not anymore, I SWEAR!)

Stirring is one of the highlights of baking for most people (or just me). Myself and Naomi took turns mixing because basically we're huge big babies and we both wanted a turn.

The parent cupcakes

You want the mixture to be breathtakingly shiny like ours is in the above picture.

These are the baby cupcakes before fun times were had in the oven...

And after...

At this point we waited for our cupcakes to cool down so that the icing wouldn't go all yock. We watched "Friends". The one where Phoebe gives Rachel the Swedish massage. We ate yummy dindins (SpagBol) and chatted about tattoos and crime.

Me with the baby cupcakes. <3

That's Ross, Naomi's dog. He's one of the best dogs I know. He didn't help with the baking, because that would be disgusting...nor did he get to taste the cakes because everyone knows if dogs have chocolate they will die. Love you forever, Ross.

After dinner, we asked some local needy children to decorate the cakes for us. That's why they look like they were decorated by 6 years olds. Because they were.

LOL, JK we did it ourselves.

And there you have it. I know what you're thinking...'They should definitely be on Cupcake Wars'

Good Night,  

PS. Sarah's flying home tomozzle!! Let's hope they don't show "Red Eye" on the flight home like they did that time I flew a very long distance.

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