Monday, July 11, 2011

Bad blogger apology

Tis' I. The real slim Sarah. You've heard right. I've left my adopted mother land to return home to my mother but only for a fleeting 2 days. At present, I'm in the lovely Cotswold area of England, preparing for the arrival of 250 children in an English language summer camp. I've forgotten how to teach on my own and balance activities and trips and night duty and breakfast duty and roll calls and registers and intensive classes and projects and so on. BUT... it is very sunny and the village I am in has a pub with Pimms and there is an Indian take away and I love childern and we get to go to Cadbury's World. A world of CADBURY'S!

I shall be back with muchoooo updates about the mecca that is Buenos Aires and my time at home soon but until then accept my apologises and contact the Police in regard to Ciara's complete disappearance.


1 comment:

  1. The Cotwolds AND Cadbury's World?! Sounds fun! And good luck with the teaching!


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