Thursday, May 12, 2011

A short review of songs from films that are out at the moment...

I've always been crazy about soundtracks for films. I love movie music. Sometimes when I'm listening to certain songs in the car or something I imagine that I'm in a film and that the camera is like...above the car filming it driving along the road. I'm very strange, I know.

The score of a movie is so important. One time I went to see Cloverfield and apart from the fact that it was awful, it wasn't scored. When the credits rolled everyone just sat in silence and wondered "is it over?". I don't know what they were hoping to achieve with that. Maybe they wanted everyone to just be in shock or something. I thought it was plain stupid.

One of the things I like about work is that I get to hear the songs from all the films when we're cleaning the screens. I'm going to be such an expert by the end of the summer. If anyone wants me to be on their team for a table quiz or anything just let me know.

Okay, I haven't actually seen most of these films so they could be terrible...but anyway. Here goes my first ever "short review of songs from films that are out at the moment" post!

Source Code: Frozen Moment by Chris Bacon


Hanna: The Devil Is In The Beats by The Chemical Brothers.

The entire soundtrack for this film sounds amazing. I saw bits of the film itself in work last night and it looks really good. Saoirse Ronan is in it which is cool. She's one of our own, like.

Fast and Furious 5: F5 Furiously Dangerous by Ludacris Ft Slaughterhouse and Claret Jai.

I hate this song with a firey passion. It's probably one of the most annoying songs I've ever had to listen to. At this stage we just wait till it's over before cleaning up. Also, I don't know if I want to listen to songs created by a person who calls themselves"slaughterhouse". But that's just me.

Rio: Let Me Take You To Rio

This is ridiculously catchy and Rio is a good movie! This song makes me want to go there. I regret nothing.

Cedar Rapids: Break My Stride

Everyone loves a song from the 80's in the credits, right? Once I saw an old man dancing to this on his way out of the screen. In fairness, it's a good'un to have a little dance to.

And finally, this soundtrack is pretty creepy, as is the film, I hear...Insidious. Or as most of the population like to call it when buying their tickets, in-sid-uuuuuu-us. I've also heard "Can I have a student ticket for indigenous please?" and one person even said incestuous...whatever you're into I guess.

DAMN IT! It's not on youtube...I will find it and post it eventually so that you can all listen and be terrified by the scariest soundtrack since The Shining, apparently.


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