Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Snaps

While most of the GwtB girls are undergoing tortuous exams or bad internet [Dee], I've been up to my eyeball teeth preparing lesson plans for my Argentinean students, filling in Erasmus forms [VIENNA 2011/2012 BABY!], working on my Final Year Project and planning a trip over the Andes to Chile in 2 weeks. There's plenty I want to write about but for the moment, please enjoy some "Happy Snaps" of late.

The last few show the three AMAZING, completely-cheered-me-up packages I've received in the last few weeks from Megan, our friend Shannon and my Mummy [Check my awesome editing job on the addresses; Pro]. When you are working in a foreign country and living with a different family, sometimes you forget to sit back and relax but these packages full of home comforts [basically chocolate] and letters reminded me of home and what a great opportunity I have here. It also helped me put on a few pounds I'd lost. Unfortunately, when I received the latest package, I went to watch TV and eat a few Freddo's when the TV internally combusted and smoke emitted from the back of it. Any suggestions how I go about telling the family!?

Hope it's sunny where you are

Pics are all my own so copyrighted by the power that is me.

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