Friday, May 13, 2011


Not sure if I can speak for the others, but I am up and over the walls busy at the moment with lesson plans, college work, Erasmus paperwork and travel plans. Dee and I hope to take over the Andes next week so it kills me really but this is an adieu for about 3 weeks for me though I'll be FULL of stories when I return. Ciara and Megan have exams I am sure so they'll be back when they can or wish to get a well deserved break from study so hold tight all.

Until then, enjoy this;


and this;

Dangermouse is a musical genius as far as I am concerned between Gnarls Barkley, The Grey Album, Broken Bells and now this. He sat in front of me and my Mum at Glastonbury smoking some wacky tabacky during Midlake. Little unknown fact there. I've a blurry picture somewhere. I saw Jack White too watching Laura Marling. I like when musicians go and watch other musicians who are completely different to their own style of music.


P.S. Ashamedly, I'm rooting for Jedward in the Eurovision tomorrow night. Please don't judge me any less. Twas the dancing that got me. 

P.P.S. Megan is right, the music in Rio is unreal! I went to see it in Spanish! Woo me! However, I can't pride myself on my translation skills as half of it was "SQUAWK.SQQUAWK!" International lingo, really.

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