Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dear Mr Haagen-Dazs...

French Literature exam today: passed the sh*t out of it. 

If you are hungry or in the mood to eat something nice right this second, you probably shouldn't read the following blog entry. It's just filled with deliciousness. 

The other day I got to taste all of the YUM ice creams at work (I know I've been going on about work a lot but that's just because I spend all of my time there now and thus, nothing ever happens to me anymore in real life). So, yes...I got to taste them all because I have to be able to tell customers what each one tastes like, OBVIOUSLY. 

I had the best time ever. If there is a job out there that's an "ice cream tester person", I want to be it. In fact, Mr Haagen-Dazs, if you are reading this, I reckon I should definitely get some sort of present for all this free advertising I'm doing for you...PLUS, I lovingly scoop your delicious ice cream on almost a daily basis now. If you like, you can pay my fees for college? Or make me your official ice cream taster person...or just send me a batch of your Macadamia Nut Brittle, whatevs. 

I also had to read the manual which had tons* of fascinating information about Haagen-Dazs. It had colourful pictures of products which we do not serve in our shop but which (hopefully) exist elsewhere because they look unreal. Like this, for example:

ICE CREAM FONDUE!? This is only available in Asia as far as I know.
Or this:

Ice cream + cake = ultimate joy and fulfillment

I've never had the pleasure of tasting an ice cream cake as it doesn't seem to be done here in Ireland, but if somebody gave me this for a present I would love them forever and I would graciously offer them a sliver.

Or this:

Shanghai sells Haagen-Dazs mooncake!!
 I don't know what a mooncake is but I definitely want to try one.

The manual also tells us why Haagen-Dazs is the only PREMIUM ice cream ever. It's because of the air: ice cream ratio!!! Unfortunately, I can't go into further details because it's top secret stuff that only special Haagen-Dazs people can know. Not really, I just don't want to bore you with psuedo science and to be honest I skimmed that part of the manual.

It sounds like I'm just sucking up to Haagen-Dazs at this stage so that they'll send me free stuff but seriously guys, ice cream is my new favourite substance. I've probably written more here than I wrote on Moliere and Perrault aujourd'hui. oh well, here's some more pixxx of ice cream.


*hardly any interesting information was in this manual, except for the pictures of the yummy ice creams.

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