Sunday, May 1, 2011

Summer in the City

Autumn is in full swing here so please do enjoy the beginning of summer tomorrow. It will only be a few short weeks till the exams are over and school or Uni is out for a few weeks so dear friends, hold on in there my dear friends. My summer playlist is en route but it's taken me 2 days to clear out of my iPod of the not-so-good songs and will likely take another few days to be uploaded with the much-better-songs. 

Here's a little pick me up for the time however;

Now to follow suit, as every fashion blogger in the world has probably done by now, Kate. Oh Kate. You did not disappoint. The wedding dress may have been the talk of the day but for me, it was her evening dress with the angora cardigan. She looked absolutely stunning and very feminine. I'm sure my mum has an angora scarf or two at home, so I'll be rummaging once I'm home. Her morning-after outfit was lovely as well in a grey-blue dress, blazer and platformed wedges. 

The Middleton's in general were a stylish bunch, with a big round of applause going for Pippa Middleton, Kate's younger sister, who has won legions of fans overnight. Mum and Dad Middleton looked very dapper and younger than their years and Kate's brother, at a young 23 years, looked the right gentlemen. Notable mentions go to Joss Stone [excellent colour on her], Princess Eugenie [in the night outfit, the day one was a tad mank], the Queen herself in cheerful yellow and personally, I liked Victoria Beckham's self-created outfit. You try being heavily pregnant and wearing six inch heels! 

Overall, the whole affair showed how the monarchy are moving with the times. Kate could be the first "commoner" Queen, there were cart-wheeling vergers and there was more colour in Westminster than ever before.

Huzzah, jolly well good and crumpets.

P.S. Just look at that. What a sight. It was more than a wedding. It was history. Think of everyone who's ever been christened or wed or buried in that abbey. Outstanding. 

 Cheers for the ole pics.


  1. Her dress was amazing indeed , but I still don't get why people were so excited, like t'was just a weeding !
    And oh Alice Gold ... she's just unreal <3

  2. I love Pippa in the blue zara jacket and white pants.
    Why was Joss Stone there?

  3. It was a wedding but don't we all love a wedding. And they are so in love!
    Pippa won the style stacks for me.
    As for Joss Stone, the same question popped into my head. Is she even still making music?


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