Sunday, January 16, 2011

we've found trafalgar

We seemed to keep ending up in Trafalgar square on our evening ramblings round London, it may seem quite the cliched spot to appreciate but it was so very pretty. The view at night was so striking, and even in the rain it was really..pleasant.i'm not so sure thats quite what im going for but its close enough. Bitta impressionism to be found in the free national gallery to ease the soul also.always a plus.

We'd to do a bit about Anthony Gormley's One and Other project last year and now having been there, it must have been pretty great to have had to pass by it during the summer of '09.
Another fun fact we picked up was that the guy who designed the lions there hadn't ever seen lions before an modelled them on his apparently they're sitting wrong?and they've cat faces.good to know right? 


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