Monday, January 17, 2011

Threads and Tunes for a London Traipse

Ciara's recent ventures are enviable, for certain. I too am a bit of a noob to the land of London and even though I only spent a day or two during my summer in the city itself, it has left its impression upon me with little effort. The buzz of the city is undeniable and I found it to live up to every expectation I subconciously had. Mind you, I could see how it could swallow you whole too. So in order for that NOT to happen, I've been traipsing through the fashion stores sites and picking out some trends that'll have you noticed or at least walking through Camden with a spring in your step, coupled with a few snapshots to match up to Ciara's! Not much of the bizarre but there is most certainly a vibe that's unique and unimitable in London. Recommended to all.

If only money was no object...
  • Print Peter Pan Dress -> -> £35.00
  • Panther Frill Peep Heels -> Schuh -> Reduced from £64.99 to £19.99
  • Blue Darcy Frill Courts ->  a/wear -> Reduced from €35.00 to €28.00
  • Raspberry Candy Bag by Marc B -> Topshop -> £39.99
  • Earrings and Pendant -> Both Oasis -> £10.00 and £30.00 respectively

Keeping in tune with the colour scheme of the blog, I chose this dress because;

a/ I love tealy/bluey/green
b/ I love print
c/ I love collars and sleeves

Picture it paired with black tights and  courts for the day so as to feel like a lady, yet save your tootsies while you run from Oxford St. to Leicester Square [yes. it has been done].
Provided are heels to rule the town at night as Ciara did. The bag is a yummy raspberry and in my opinion clashes nicely.
Rimmel, "The London Look" people, have some fab shades of lipstick to match, particularly "Tantrum".

The silver earrings set it all off nicely and as does the pendant, but to be fair, it is rather overpriced. So what I do to add some sort of silver hanging distraction and break up the print, is to hang my keys from a silver chain. Just like this;

Practical, economical and stteeellish

 And so with that, I leave you with some inspiration for nice, new clothes, some of my own London snaps and a tune from my favourite Laandaann boys, Mystery Jets, and their mates, Count and Sinden. I've seen them live at Glastonbury and if anyone has the London look and attitude right, it's the MJ's.

"Thus with a kiss, I die".


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