Saturday, January 15, 2011

over the water

I did London with some college buddies this week, I hadn't been before and What an awesomo city. I can very much understand the immense appeal everyone seems to talk about. Little shopping was done..22e return flights and 17e a night for accommodation is evidence enough that a shopping holiday wasn't on the cards, but Oxford street and the markets were strolled around and when there's money...I cannot wait. We did the touristing, the shows, the eats and ran laps of Trafalgar Square in the drizzle at 2am. well, a single lap. Very jealous that Sarah got to spend a few weeks there last summer educating the young folk, must have been Amazing. Maybe some of her photos being put up is in order? yaaaaaaaay Sarah. We stayed in a hostel in Camden, got to love the hostel peeps you run into, we'd some great American roomies, with classic New York accent included. It provided much amusement. Oh to be back there...


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