Monday, May 26, 2014

"Touch my wool and you will die"

Today is Monday. The weather is changeable at best. Today Sarah and Megan continued the rekindling of their love by buying and eating shit they didn't need. At the moment we're eating, to be frank, a very disappointing batch of brownies. We've had a great few days together, so we've decided to collaborate on a wonderful blog post. Be excited.*

Megan visited Sarah in Limerick to celebrate her freedom and the end of her college life in UL, which Dee vacated a year ago. Shit went down. We drank (and subsequently puked), ate and pretended to be foreign whilst chatting up some older men. By older I don't mean hot, sophisticated thirty-something professionals...I mean actual OAPs. Here's Ger, hope he doesn't report us on blogspot for this. LOL

Megan and Sarah were together for a total of two and a half days in fair Limerick - a time during which we learnt that not all of Limerick is as grimmy and mank as you'd assume - the castle is rather pleasing to the eye and makes a good talking point when one is pretending to be a lost American tourist; however, it's worth noting that one ought to take precautions when impersonating an American (with a fluctuating accent) as at this time of year, there are many other real Americans around and it can lead to some confusing and slightly offensive situations. Limerick is a good place for a pub-going night out and we took full advantage of the plethora of night time venues. Someone called Megan thought it'd be a GREAT idea to have a shot of tequila and the following day that someone called Megan was fine but someone called Sarah couldn't get up until 9pm the following evening and instead of going out, comforted herself with Graham Norton (on TV, not in real life because I don't think Sarah is his type).

Megan went away on home (after a questionable Subway - the sandwich, not the mode of transport) as did Sarah's brother Shane, leaving Sarah in an absolute heap (BEST FRIENDS EVER). Megan has been given more responsibility at her job, which meant she'd an awfully busy and stressful weekend, which is more boring than it sounds. Megan would like to clarify that at present she doesn't have a real job, which was just confirmed by quitea  snooty phonecall from her former university, UCC, when they called to make sure that she was alive and not disgracing the UCC name by being, god forbid, a sales assistant. Which she is. Woops. She'll show you, UCC! Sarah meanwhile moved home which is as sad and depressing as it sounds. She spent the first 36 hours in her PJs, unpacking and getting her brother drunk with her mother. 

However, enough was enough. Our love could not be extinguished after being rekindled and today after greeting and being bit by Megan's beloved pooch Harvey, we headed into Cork. There we ate steak marinated with vodka and went second-hand book shopping. Cork is looking pretty fab these days and there have been big efforts to regenerate the inner city. There's a "Before I Die" wall, which was inspired by a art project in an American city, which Sarah has written about before. We also saw an older, scruffy man wandering around the Coal Quay with his sheep dog, shouting or other about Mongolians. We bought some clothes - Penney's finest, don't you know - and just had a swell time. The crowning moment was seeing a former flame of either Megan or Sarah looking like a puffy German tourist #doesntcountasslander #lol. 

Finally after hours of merriment, we came back to Megan's house to be nibbled on by Harvey, Emperor of the Household, who then proceed to try and eat Megan's wool. Megan just made a really cheesy pun about pulling the wool over her eyes which makes no sense as Harvey doesn't have thumbs and thus the pulling motion is beyond his kinesthetic movements. Harvey isn't best amused either. After writing this, we may go hunting for Kimye, who are honeymooning nearby #actualnowegivenofucks

That is all now. Stay tuned when we may sporadically update the blog with more fun times! We're going out with Dee this week when she's on a break from tour. Whadda rock star.

M & S

*We hope you weren't THAT excited. That would be pathetic...

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