Tuesday, May 27, 2014

richard richard richard

I had two 'firsts' of interest this weekend. I hadn't been to the Tate before (the very free, very nearby Tate.. shame on me, I know) and I hadn't seen or really heard of Richard Hamilton before either. I was graced with some epic visitors this weekend. Their only major desire for the weekend was to be assured we got to see Hamilton's exhibition in the Tate. I duly obliged.

For a newbie Hamilton's work was exciting, progressive and so very appealing. This dude embraced technology, picked apart politics and loved toasters. I've a fondness for Lichtenstein and I was disappointed that I hadn't gotten in on some Hamilton, the Dad of pop art before now.

I would suggest if you were swinging by London to drop in and see it but it ended yesterday, whoops.

Here are some of my favs.


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