Tuesday, November 5, 2013

One, Two... One, Two... Is this thing on??

Hello? Anyone there? Look! A resurgence in blogging!  Megan reminded me that this still existed and here I am waving a big hello, because once again, due to the chaos of general day-to-day life, I've fallen out of step with Megan, Ciara and Dee... as well as many other nearest and dearest.

I'm in Limerick. It's Week 9 of the first semester. I've not failed anything yet! I'm living with some great friends. There are some great friends still hanging around Limerick, although there are more who have left and are off doing their own things. I've come back from a relatively successful year out and am already looking at where to go next. I'm thinking either Canada, America, Spain, Japan or South Korea. You know... away, away. It's actually a point of stress. There are two great programmes in Japan and S. Korea respectively but they both begin next August. Considering that I need to work away for the summer (either America or the UK), I would be expected to leave just after returning from summer employment. This doesn't suit because I am determined to attend my graduation, particularly considering that this course has just bled me dry of confidence over the past four/five-ish years, so attending it will be a happy "F- you course", attended by my super family of course. Secondly, my family and I missed out on Glastonbury tickets this year (very upsetting), but have decided that the Murphy's will take on the joys of Bestival next year instead! Watch out Isle of Wight! All of us are going, but because it's on during the first weekend of September, I'm not about to leave for Asia. More on that later.

Here's some pictures of things that have happened recently. I'm going to get back to blogging more. My attempts at journal-keeping haven't been as successful as I'd anticipated. 

All for now. Cheerio!


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