Sunday, March 24, 2013

The past week

Yeah! The blog is back in fully functioning mode by the looks of it. So on a more positive note than my last post, this is what I've been up to for the past week with the help of Instagram to deceive you into thinking my life is totes amazeballs, though they are not equal in fabulousiosity to Ciara's photobooth snaps from last summer.

1/ Snow way.

It snowed. In Cork. In the middle of March. It actually snowed. And what's more it wasn't even wet slush, it actually hung around for a while and made leaving the house very unpleasant. But sure, everyone loves a bit of snow.

2/ Whiskey in the jar-o.

I quit my job because I found a new job! I shall be working as a lovely tour guide in the famous Jameson Distillery from tomorrow morning on. Good riddance old job. Bleurgh! Hello new job! I've spent all day learning off the script, which involves a heavy dose of science and 13 pages of pretty detailed spiels on the history of Jameson Irish Whiskey. Times like these make me wish I had kept on Chemistry to Leaving Cert level... but to be fair, Science and I just don't get on... I have a uniform and everything so wish me luck for tomorrow. Eventually I'll be giving tours in German, a fact that turns my stomach to mush whenever I think of it, but let's take one day at a time.

3/ I'll school you!

I am now a fully-qualified CELTA teacher! I finished the CELTA teacher training course last Friday after 10 pretty intensive weeks but I survived and now have a lovely qualification all to do the other 8 people on the course... Afterwards I felt in the mood for celebrating, so what was better than Scrabble and daytime pints in the grubby but cosy Tom Barry's. I lost miserably at Scrabble because the only decent words my tiles produced were dirty. Eagle-eyed readers may be able to spot a few below.

4/ St. Patrick's Day

A lovely lady pal and I decided to take a journey to visit another lovely man friend of ours. We spent St. Patrick's Eve drinking (bottles of) wine with his mother and generally having a really nice time. St. Patrick's morning was spent recovering from that subtle but persistent hangover wine leaves behind, eating a full fry and followed by a full dinner after some exploring and being threatened by one cranky goose. 

Upon returning home, we ventured to Cork city and the Crane Lane and while the memories are a little bit hazy, I'd say I came out of the night better than the people who cleared Tesco out of whiskey.

5/Tea for two

Megan popped over on Friday for a cup of tea, which turned into tea, dinner and lots and lots of cheesecake and ice-cream. She'll have more entertaining pictures but I will share these gems. 

We went to a local swanky hotel and maybe our in-depth conversations about Nick Miller (Nick Miller, likes the taste of vanilla) and BeyoncĂ© didn't sit well with the service, because we left feeling a bit dazed by their manner. Nonetheless, this was well-received: dark chocolate and hazelnut cheesecake (made by my lovely sister) with  Ben & Jerry's Winter Berry Brownie ice-cream. Top notch.

6/ Let's get physical

In total contrast to the above snap, I have joined a local gym and have been going about 4 days a week. Yeah, I know, as if, but honestly I've found a gym just for all the lovely ladies in the locality and I'm actually enjoying going and working out. The girls who work there know everyone by name and make personalised workout plans for you as part of the service. Bar one or two dodgy dismounts from the cross trainer and a severe case of jelly legs coming off the thread mill, my time there has been accident-free thus far! It's a great excuse to don my leotard, sweatband and legwarmers alá Olivia Newton John circa mid-80's.
I'll be doing this in no time.

7/ Quadruple Vision

And one silly faced selfie + new set of glasses since last years posts. Someone came up to me on a night out recently and asked me why I felt the need to wear such "hipster frames". Shit went down.

8/ Room Renewal

I've moved house twice in the last 5 months and the new room left... something to be desired. My cure for any bare-faced, lonely chamber? Photos! A bit of Pinterest plagarism helped me to create this beauty but more on the DIY-ing later. I still have to know these 13 pages of whiskey-based trivia off by heart for the morning.


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