Tuesday, August 21, 2012

State of Illinoise

I solemny swear that i am up to no good  I will provide a full update very soon. I have been lazy, there's no other way to put it and so this charming space has become neglected on my part.
Let me leave you with a few nuggets to bide my time.

  • Chicago is a most beautiful city full of some great people. There is water, city, laughs, lake, GF sprinkles cupcakes, Intelligentsia coffee, old smell second hand books for less than a quarter, sun, rain, laughs, trains with spectacular views, trains with zero views, colours, singing, bikes, cab rides across town for half the cost you'd spend at home, Walgreens on every corner, laughs, pretty streets and polite homeless folk who you can't help but return to with a sandwich, sushi, korean food, bus weirdos, McDonalds, dive bars and LOLLA.
Lichtenstein at the Institute

View from the lake

View of LakeShore Dr from the Hancock

Shedd Aquarium

At the Bean

  • I had a great summer for music. These types of summers are my favourite.  rekindled my love for many and found some new favourites. Here are a few:

  • Now I'm home it's time to face the real world. Let's see how this endeavour goes..

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Swami Vivekananda


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