Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cannes you feel it??

With just under two weeks left in France, I have one last thing left on my TO DO list: Cannes.

It was a kind of hopeful addition to the list, one that I thought wouldn't happen BUT next Thursday...I'm going!!

This is the official poster for this years Cannes Film Festival, which is celebrating it's 65th anniversary. It's a tribute to the anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death, which coincides with the festival. 

I absolutely cannot wait for this, what a way to finish off my Erasmus year! 

The line up is incredible, and while there's ZERO chance of us getting anywhere near any of the major events, the buzz and the possibility of seeing somebody super famous is enough for me! 

Some of my favourites expected to be there are:
Marion Cotillard 
Tom Hardy
Ewan McGregor 
ahem...Robert Pattinson...ahem 

There will also be lots of other very good looking and talented people in and around the general area. Fingers crossed for Johnny Depp and Ryan Gosling. 

I don't have anything to wear. 

m xx

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