Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, everyone! 

SO glad I'm back to reading lovely posts on this! Ciara, Chicago sounds fab! Sarah, DO YOUR FYP! :P

The last few months have been great! Between mosey-ing about Aix, sometimes going to college, having a fun weekend in Lyon, going home for lots of baking and hugging at the end of February, experiencing "The Lodge", finding a secret park, waking up in the middle of the night to a flood on my floor, having a very happy St. Patricks Day, heading off on an amazing trip with Shannon and Sarah, battling ants, climbing a very, very high mountain with Ronan, receiving the most amazing parcel ever from my family, getting "a tan" at the beach and unintentionally witnessing the yockness that is bullfighting has been busy, busy! 

It's absolutely flown and now being able to count the number of weeks I have left here in France on Erasmus is a very strange feeling. 

A frozen Rotonde, Aix en Provence

A freezing cold day in Lyon

Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs exhibition, Paris Fashion Week

St. Patricks Day in Aix!

Disaster strikes on our floor!!

London, March 2012



Off to Cassis for the day

View from the top of Mount St. Victoire, Aix en Provence

I'm off to Munich at the start of June to work for the summer here:

 I'm quite nervous but I've been practising my German and I'm excited for another adventure.

Hope you all eat so much chocolate that you fall asleep on your couch next to your dog.  

megan xxxx

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