Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Before I Die" by Ms. Candy Chang

I was feeling a bit run down this week with a lot of presentations to prepare and do as it's my birthday next week and I want to be stress free for that weekend. Vienna is a little drab during the days when the Christmas lights aren't twinkling and everyone is on their way to one place or the other and you've the weight of responsibility on your shoulders. So I was really happy when I found this rather inspiring community art project by a Ms. Candy Chang [greeeeeeeeeat name]. 

It's called "Before I Die" and was born out of wanting to make dark, wasted industrial spaces in cities positive focal points for communities. All she did was put up a series of blackboards on an old, derelict building with the words "Before I Die, I Want To ___________________________" and provided some chalk for people to go wild. She tells the story herself better at her website but the pictures that go through the history of the "Before I Die" project are lovely. The responses range from the sentimental to the whimsical but they are all geniune responses from passerbys. 

My favourite responses was "Before I die I want to be someone's cavalry" and "Before I die I want to hug a sloth". I've been trying to think what I would write and it's something that requires a good sit down. I'd love to set one up in Cork or Limerick maybe. This project has spread all over the world and it's a nice little reminder to yourself to remember that time is not linear, it's ongoing and once a day has passed, it's gone. Considering I spent all of yesterday in my room, watching online tv, I'm determined to do something a bit more meaningful tomorrow! 

Just wanted to share the love and to share my favourite song of the week, "Origins" by husband/wife music making duo Tennis.


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