Saturday, October 8, 2011

What the Schnitzel?

Well, what do ye think of the revamp? Girls? Too pink? Suggestions welcome but for the mean-time, I think it's ok.

So I've been here in Vienna for over 2 weeks and me, oh my, how it has flown! I absolutely love the city. I am delighted with myself for having picked such a cultural, historical and fun city to live and study in. I haven't began classes yet which will be a challenge in themselves as my German has become incredibly poor but hey, that's what I get for being ein bisschen faul for the last 2 years. I won't get into everything now but I think the first thing I should share with you all is the Schnitzel. 

Wiener Schnitzel. We've all heard of it. But how many of us have ACTUALLY had a Wiener Schnitzel. I had originally thought, back in the day, that Wiener Schnitzel was bread-crumbed veal or chicken or pork. Ohhhh nooooo. You haven't had a real Schnitzel until you have gone to one of the best, inner city Viennese restaurants, Figlmuller. Wow. For about 13euro, you get pure Viennese Schnitzel. But it's not just that. Did I mention it's the size of a small child? 

It's literally twice as big as the plate it is served on and while we had starved ourselves that day to make room, it was a herculean task to even make a dent on it. Add in some gemischte Salat and Sturm and it was the yummiest [lecker, lecker, lecker] meal I have ever had. Just wish I'd done a Joey on it and worn some extra stretchy pants...


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  1. loves it bbz, you're some wizz at it, with great taste no less


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