Monday, October 10, 2011

'i'll make your i-pod hotter than a lighter would'

I spent much of the last two days organising, discovering that my bulging wardrobe is filled with a ridiculous amount of clothes that I don't wear anymore or (hadn't ever worn)..whoops,  realising my camera is broken (how upsetting), dodging planning lessons, listening to Childish Gambino, Saul Williams and Anis Mojgani,(BTW there's language some may find offensive floating about some of these guy's songs, just a heads up before clicking),  trying to plan how to sort the mountain of photographs I have about the place and catching up on reading the Sunday magazines I have such a fondness for.
First evening in a long time that reminded me of what living at home was like before I started college, when half my belongings weren't in a different county/ country or suitcase. 

thanks tumblr

And then there was rice pudding to be had which reminded me of yumo San Fran rice pudding cafes.

Successful day all round.


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Swami Vivekananda


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