Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Moving Images say it all.

#1: To Ciara

#2: To Megan

[[Bon Voyage]]

#3: To Dee

In the past week, Ciara has turned 21 [woohoo!], Megan has left us for France [only this morning in fact] for the year and Dee is somewhere in the countryside with no car. I've returned from Electric Picnic [more on that later] and am enjoying my last two weeks at home. I'm next to leave for Vienna and Dee will leave two weeks after that. Ciara is staying put around Ireland for her final year of college [that's snuck up pretty fast!] so we're all heading off again. 
I unfortunately missed Megan's nom dinner and the opportunity to say goodbye to herself and other friends, which I'm kicking myself over. But sure, in order to cheer myself up and ye, take a look below. I'm lol-ing, as it were. God bless Tumblr and Stumbleupon. Warning: There's a lot of dancing.

Jaysus. I think I need to go do some actual work. It's evident I'm too easily amused. Here's a quick song to add some quality to this post.



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